Code of Ethics

A Message from our Chief Executive Officer and President

At Medidata we live and breathe life sciences. We’ve built a world-class SaaS clinical technology platform and are committed to the success of our employees, shareholders, customers and the patients we serve. Our patient-focused mission of powering smarter treatments and healthier people is embedded into our DNA and serves as a guidepost for every action we take. We take this responsibility very seriously and recognize the tremendous amount of trust that our customers have placed in our ability to deliver the technology and services to accelerate new therapies and give hope to patients.

Our patient-focused mission and commitment to customer success goes hand-in-hand with our culture of integrity, partnership, tenacity, nimbleness, humility, inclusiveness and care. These are not just words, but core values that are embodied in the decisions and actions that each of us undertake every single day. From our inception, we have recognized that our people and values are critical to Medidata’s long-term success.

Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics (the “Code”) ensures that we hold ourselves and how we do business to a high standard. The Code sets requirements for business conduct and serves as a foundation for our Company policies, procedures and guidelines, all of which provide additional guidance on expected behaviors. All of us are responsible for protecting Medidata’s name, and we must strive to do the right thing in every instance. Most of the time, the right conduct is obvious, but in some situations, it is not. We expect you to embrace the Code’s principles and encourage you to apply your common sense and good judgment to help us operate our business ethically and with integrity.

If you are ever unsure or feel that the Code is being violated, we ask you to speak up. Talk to your manager or reach out to your contact in our Legal Department, either in person or via You may also share concerns anonymously through our EthicsPoint hotline. Remember, our non-retaliation policy means that you don’t need to be afraid of asking questions or reporting potential issues. Failing to comply with the Code could put you, your colleagues, and Medidata at risk, and accordingly, could result in disciplinary action and even dismissal. We are proud to lead a company that is committed to high ethical business practices and providing a great work environment for our employees, delivering outstanding service to our customers and developing innovative products and services. I remind you to familiarize yourself with the Code and use it as your guide. As our business becomes increasingly complex, we all must remain vigilant that our words and actions reflect our commitment to observing the highest standards of ethical business conduct and conducting business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


Tarek A. Sherif
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Glen de Vries




Medidata is committed to observing the highest standards of ethical business conduct and conducting business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. All employees of Medidata Solutions, Inc. or any subsidiary of Medidata Solutions, Inc. (collectively, “Medidata” or the “Company”), as well as Medidata’s Board members, must abide by this Code of Business Conduct & Ethics (the “Code”). We also expect Medidata’s contractors and consultants to abide by our Code in connection with their work for Medidata.

These are the values and principles most important to Medidata:

• Integrity — Strive to do the right thing in every instance; being honest, equitable, and trustworthy
• Partnership — Co-create value with our Customers
• Tenacity — Boldly challenge the status quo
• Nimbleness — Embrace change, fail fast and move forward
• Humility — Be confident, not arrogant
• Inclusiveness — Treat each other with respect and empower diverse thought and talent
• Care — Transform the well-being of patients, our communities & each other


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