Investor FAQs and Stock Split FAQs

Who is Medidata Solutions?
What products and services does Medidata offer?
Who are Medidata's customers?
When was Medidata Solutions founded?
When was Medidata Solutions' initial public offering and at what price was its stock offered?
What is Medidata Solutions' stock symbol?
On what stock exchange is Medidata Solutions listed?
How many common shares of Medidata Solutions are outstanding?
Where is Medidata Solutions headquartered?
How many employees does Medidata Solutions have?
How can I buy or sell Medidata Solutions common stock?
Does Medidata Solutions offer a direct share purchase plan?
Does Medidata Solutions issue dividends or have a DRIP program?
Where can I obtain additional information on Medidata Solutions?
Who is Medidata Solutions' transfer agent and how does a registered shareholder contact the agent regarding account information?
How can I access SEC documents, such as a Form 10-K or 10-Q?
When does Medidata Solutions release earnings information?
What is Medidata Solutions' independent registered public accounting firm?
How can I obtain a copy of the final initial public offering prospectus?
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